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3'x6' Garden Coach (unpainted)


The 3'x6' Garden Coach will allow you to raise 2 to 3 chickens. It comes with a one bin nest box...enough for up to 4 hens. Comes with the cable drop down night roost floor. The Garden Coach measures 3'x6'x41" tall sitting on ground level.
The frame is made of 2"x6" treated yellow wood bolted together using galvanized 3 1/2" bolts. All panels and other wood parts are made of the finest 3/4" exterior plywoods. 1/2" galvanized hardware wire is used for the Stagecoach run as well as the area covering the roost night box. The hoops are made from 1/2" PVC and hold up very well with long lasting results. The roost box measures 2 foot deep and is covered with rolled galvanized metal reflective material. 1/2" wire is also used to cover for a very predator protectant barrier. The egg box roof is now made to hinge and lift up for easy access to hose down the roost night floor as well as the roosting area. Comes unpainted with no accessories.

Item #GC6-01

Price $675.00